Thinking to Myself

I was thinking (yes, I know – no surprise there) about whether what I write changes according to who I perceive is reading. And I’m guessing that it does.

Pfhu – that sounds like a boring fart of a start to a post. See if you can do better.

I’m thinking about you as I write this.

There you go – that’s a lot puchier. Okay, keep it up now, Rob.

I’m taking what you think into account as I …

Whoa, whoa. You’re doing what? How can you take people into account if you neither know them or what they’re thinking. That’s just bonkers! Try again.

You are in my mind and heart as I write this.

Yeah, go on. Sounds a bit like a love letter, but never mind.

You are …

Ha, you’re stuck now aren’t you. Is it because I’m here making all these comments? I bet it is.

Yes. So would you mind quietening down please. I’m trying to be heartfelt here in a communication with my dear readers. They need to know how much I …

How much you what! Care? Leave it out! You care for your readers about as much as I care about Flanders at dawn, which is to say nuffink, nowt and nada.

Well I must say – your tone is quite ruining my mood.

Gah. My tone my arse! It’s about time you got hip to something here.

Pray tell.

It’s about time you figured out that you’re talking to yourself (or, more to the point) yourselves, whilst stood in a field with the sun licking your neck with noone other than sweet Fanny Adams listening.

Fanny who?

Fanny Adams, which is to say FA, which is to employ the vernakular of the cockneys when they does rhyme those slangs. Look it up.

Oh, alright. Hmm. FA. Fu… Oh, no – that’s just rude! Well, I suppose in that case, I’m done. And post haste. Toodle-oo to you!

9 thoughts on “Thinking to Myself

  1. Hey, mate! You’re right, about my not having read the post. I did not. I liked it to perhaps come back to it later on, and I do that often to knock on windows and doors, hoping someone would open them. Most dont. You did. And I appreciate it. Didn’t intend to offend the senses. A mere attempt to find real people behind these ornate windows.

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