Please Keep Left

In England, barring a few unfortunate cases where people became confused, often with tragic consequences, we drive on the left. There is no law, however, regarding which side of the pavement to walk on. That is until now.

Actually, to call it a law is to flatter it. It’s more like a polite request from the powers-that-be. The Council (local government representatives) have put signs up on some of the more narrow paths here in York that ask us to Please Keep Left. Most people do. Some don’t.


I guess it’s all about helping us to the maintain that magical Social Distance that’ll keep us safe from the latest Global Pandemic that’s sweeping the … uh … globe with its broom of gloom, despondency and death. I don’t know why some don’t bother listening. I’m guessing they don’t care, one way or another.

Guesses on guesses. I just don’t know anyones mind but mine own. I can’t explain anything to anyone but me. All I can’t do is … what? Pray? Hope for the best? Have positive thoughts? Or just put my umbrella up, my head down and barge my way on through life as if people are fallen snow to my bulldozer.

It’s a heartbreaking way to live, but we’ve still got to try to live, right?

Interested in your thoughts. Have you seen signs asking you to Please Keep Left (or Right) on pavements? Do you follow that advice? Are you one of those who care? Are you safe? I pray that you are.

4 thoughts on “Please Keep Left

  1. I do wish we have those signs here in SA, but then again I’ll have one more thing to be irritated with on my morning walks as some people don’t wear their masks (sigh) I have to remind myself about the purpose of my walk (to exercise and relax) and just carry on…

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