Bench Views #20 – Dame Judy Dench Walk

I’m home! Welcome back to York for me. I was dahn sahf for a couple of days (and that’s about all I want to say about that).

Wonder when the last time Dame Judy Dench visited this bench was. Whenever it is, she should come more often. The view of the Scarborough Bridge is spectacular and the sound of the trains chugging across it is great too.

Okay, hold on – I made a resolution to be less sarcastic a few weeks back and I need to get back to that. Here’s the real deal. This corner York is actually a bit grotty. If the good Dame came here I imagine she’d be a little ashamed that her name was on the sign in front of me. The weeds growing by the bank are lush but I’m not sure they add to the elegance of this riverside (River Ouse) walk. But then again, it wildlife, innit, so perhaps it’s as it’s meant to be.

I often see winos and deadbeats sat on this bench. Not judging. Just saying.

The sun is bright and it’s in my eyes so I’m going to walk on a little now. Not even the joys of seeing the unwashed multitudes passing by in from of me as they walk alongside the Ouse can make the sweat pooling in my armpits feel pleasant.

And that’s it. Nothing much more to say. Another train makes this bench shake and so I’m up and off.

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