The meaning of Meaninglessness

I could just have well called this post The Meaninglessness of Meaning. It would have held the same meaning for me if not for the lexical semanticists lurking within the cities and towns of our plantations.

You see what I did there at the end of that last paragraph? I inserted a cloud where you were expecting sunshine. At least, that’s what I was expecting you to expect. I write for you. Well, partly for you. I write words that I think will make sense to you (and me). But what if I don’t! What if I stop conforming to our expectations?

What if I switch to ambiguous words that only partly convey the expected heft and woof of what should be given. What of I apply wooly logic to my sentences so that you get the gist, but not a clear-cut and abjectless interpretation.

I reckon that it could go one of several ways. The two most popular in my mind are:

  1. I would sound like a gibbering idiot (at best) or a senile fool (at worst)
  2. You would accept the new paradigm and explore a whole new, variable semantic landscape with me.

I prefer option two, but what do you transduce?

Me? Well I think I’m doing this already. And I think I’m happy with it. Poot.

22 thoughts on “The meaning of Meaninglessness

      • ok. now I will say what, referring to me, is a bestiality (and I thank you for making me think about it): the search for meaning is a useless search. although I have never made it explicit in a coherent and dialectical way, “seeking the sense of” or a “sense to” has been a priority for a long time. what has been happening to me for a couple of years now says that the meaning is capricious and manifests itself when it wants, regardless of the research carried out. it is not even necessary to have refined some tools rather than others, when the meaning is presented it does so in an understandable and unstructured language. to say this is to admit to having looked the wrong way with respect to the objective, but I have seen many things far from research …

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        • I said this because I observed that what you write seems to deliberately move away from conventional forms and in this way it sometimes evades meaning. Some of this is to do with the translation from Italian to English, but most of it has roots in your decisions as a writer.
          I believe that we have to be kind to the writings we find. We have to approach them with love. When we do this, we go beyond the meaning and enter the heart (of the matter and the writer).
          It is with love that we find the truth about the people we interact with.
          Love brings a deeper meaning than the superficial layer of intellect and logic.
          So, yeah – keep on being you, Donna. It works.

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  2. Brilliant write! It is of stark clarity when you take a moment to think about it. Sometimes, it’s important to write it all out. “What if I stop conforming to our expectations?” A moment of thinking is all that’s required to see everything in a newer and more clear perspective. Hope you continue on you search for the meaning of meaninglessness.

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