All the Darkness, All the Light

I really don’t like the idea of the comma in this title (currently All the Darkness, All the Light) and so I might change that. Anyway, onwards.

This phrase describes my life and could even be the real title of my (as yet unwritten) autobiography. If I was diagnosed as dying from an incurable cancer then this is what I’d write about.

There is a lot of dark, secret stuff hidden in my head. There’s stuff that I’m ashamed of – not because it is (really) bad, but because I’m me and I like to hide stuff that I think people might judge me for. There’s also stuff that … Okay, let’s just stop at ashamed of for now. Nothing illegal though – just to be clear.

There’s also a lot of really good stuff that I’ve never told anyone. Hmm – wait. Okay – I’ve pretty much told all the good stuff (because I’m an ego-ridden monster) and so I’ll just repeat that stuff and label it light. And by that I mean good rather than lightweight.

Ha – I went to put some food on the stove and in that time I realised that I’ve just described everyone’s life. We all have dark and light stuff. We all hide things we’re ashamed of and brag about stuff we like about ourselves.

Listen, you know what – forget about it. I’m not dying and so there’ll be no scandalous autobiography. Forget I said anything, okay!

*walks out and slams door*

*broods a little*

*gets bored*

*comes back and finishes making dinner*

And sod the damn comma!!

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