Talk About It

There’s no need to skirt around depression or people who are depressed. There’s no need to look away from anyone with a history of mental illness. There’s nothing to be gained from avoiding the paranoid, neurotic, psychotic and psychologically challenged amongst us. They are we and we are them. We are all people in one form or another.

We, they and everyone share a common humanity. All are a part of the whole. Accept them and you accept yourself. Accept yourself and you become closer to being loved by all. We are together. We are one. Accept. Give love. Drink up.

28 thoughts on “Talk About It

  1. So true. It’s very pity if we misbehave with mentally challenged people. We need to comfort them and take good care of them. ( But also need to maintain our safety ). πŸ˜‡β™₯️🌸🧚

    Have a great day ☺️☺️

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