Hell Ship by Philip Palmer

This is a review. I said that because I don’t usually post reviews on this blog. I mean, I write loads of reviews (I read 108 books per year (apart from this year (because I gave up novels for a few months))) but I put them on Goodreads. Not here.

Okay, enough of this boring preamble – let’s get into the meat (vegan alternatives are available) of the matter.

Hell Ship by Philip Palmer is a book I wanted to love so it’s a real pity that it didn’t live up to my expectations. You see, I … hold up, I need to eat that snack bar that’s been sat watching me for the last hour.

*sounds of snack bar being bitten, sucked, munched and otherwise masticated*

Okay I’ve had a couple of bites so that’s should be enough. Or maybe just one more morsel.


Oh heck, this is much better than writing reviews. Oh, yum!


Control yourself, Robert. Or at least pretend you’re not eating. Just write!

Thing is, I’ve already read a couple of novels by this author and they were great. Science fiction in a subtly humourous style (not like Robert Rankin or Terry What’sHisName (the guy with the stacked tortoises)) agrees with me. You see, I write a bit funny myself and so, well, y’know.

This one, though, is a bit too long and a lot too repetitive. There’s just not enough story for all those pages. The premise is fine, but it could have been comfortably finished in 250 pages rather than the bloat-filled 450 pages it took. The same things keep happening in the story, and they keep happening over and over again. One kinda gets fed up of repetition, especially when it keeps happening over and over and over and over again. You get the idea?

So, yeah – characters were interesting and varied, the events of the story were inventive and out-there, the plot was diverting and entertaining, but it was all stretched out a little (a lot) too much.

And that’s about all I have to say for now.

Oh wait – here’s the cover:

The cover of Hell Ship by Philip Palmer.

One last thing: that snack bar would have gotten a really good review!

Snack bar corpse.

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