Goat Mouth

I did something that I’m really excited about today but I’m not going to tell you about it in case it puts a goat in my mouth.

Goats, as any fule kno (Wordsworth) are smelly creatures that no sane person would want in any part of their body, much less their mouth. And when I say goat you should know that, as a vegan, I’m not talking about stew or any other kind of cooked delicacy.

Goat mouth, as told to me by my beautiful Caribbean wife, is a phrase that originates in Trinidad and Tobago that means … erm … well it means don’t talk about things that you want to happen in case you blight them.

The equivalent phrase that I know from my upbringing in England is don’t jinx it. If you are looking forward to some pleasant event in the future like, for instance getting a kiss from Mary Jane on your upcoming date and then you tell your friend what a sure thing it is then, when it doesn’t happen he would, quite rightly say that you jinxed it. In other words: you goat mouthed it.

Actually, when I think about it, this has nothing to do with putting goats in your mouth, it’s more to do with talking as if you’re using a goat’s mouth instead of your own (and making a horrible bleating noise in the process). I suppose in that case then it might be the equivalent of talking out of your ass.


Or maybe not.

Anyway, like I said – I can’t talk about this exciting thing for reasons like what I’ve explained. Sorry about that.

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