Just for Nothing

What did you take there?

Why’d you take that?

Just for nothing.

And they don’t like the smell.
They think that lower castes have a smell
And they don’t want them in their kitchens.
Terrible isn’t it.
Why are they like that?
Why do they do that?

Just for nothing.

And a silence develops that’s only punctuated by the tapping of digits on glass, because this is what we do for entertainment. This is where we are now. Millions of years of evolution or a fall from the golden age; it comes to the same thing: tap, tap, tapperty tap. And for what?
Just for nothing.

5 thoughts on “Just for Nothing

  1. I don’t believe in evolution and who knows who came up with the concept of the “golden age” (which side of the window was it on?). with this I do not want to legitimize what is happening, I still believe that we can change. I’m just afraid of the way

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