Over Communication

Do you belong here?
Is there a space?
One you can call your own?
Where you can breathe,
And lay your things out,
Any way you want?

My heart wants.
My hands reach out.
My space,
My place.
But you’re there already.
So I let you be.

And yes,
It’s ridiculous
To feel like this.
To see my home from the outside.
Through the eyes of a stranger.
A stranger that’s me.

My slippers sit there,
On the cold boards,
Worn by my steps.
Indisputably mine?
Of course.

But then a voice echoes from a far gone year:
‘Take them if you’ll use them.
Leave them if you won’t.”

I took them.
And I use them.
But why?
For me?
Or because I was told to,
By that quibbling voice.
From back at the start.
Where they began.
And I began.
And you.

We need
To start

And again
One more time.

Then again again.

Until we get it right.



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