Not Going to be Long

I’ll not keep you long. I just want to say that I’m thinking of you. That I want to be a steady and sustaining presence in you life. That I care what you think and say to me. It’s just that I find it hard to maintain a connection with people. Always have.

Maybe I am punishing you by proxy for walking away from me. You in this sense means all people. You in this sense means everyone I ever got attached to and then lost. I feel the pain of that loss still. But it’s not you. Not the you that’s reading this.

So keep the faith with me. I’ll reply to you eventually, even if I have to make myself. Because you are important to me.

Thank you.


8 thoughts on “Not Going to be Long

        • I have realisation after realisation about life-affirming stuff but always, in the hinterlands of mind, are these wild elements that come and knock me off my feet. It’s something I’m aware of but find difficult to get on top of. So, yeah – still waiting for the big penny to drop – the one that’ll turn my life into a lasting paradise. Keep you fingers crossed for me, Morag. šŸ™‚


          • Eish life affirming stuff comes our way but I know in my case I don’t always recognize or receive it or that’s what those around me tell me… There always seems to be another mountain peak ahah moment that makes a little more sense but then we slide into slumber land again. I think the most important thing is learning how to love oneself, have self respect but maybe that is just my lesson I need to learn. Maybe the final penny drops when we die or is that hopeful thinking?

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            • Oh gawd, I hope we don’t have to wait that long to become realised beings, Morag! I want to have some fun with my enlightenment before I pop my clogs (whatever that means)! Maybe I could help people or something. Possibly I should start now. šŸ™‚
              But yeah – loving ourselves is a real good start – I agree. šŸ™‚
              Now, what’s for dinner?

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            • Yes I think we are becoming all the time… And must celebrate our bliss or growth or whatever… Although I know what you mean… Individualized is how I aim to become… Before I die… Hopefully soon šŸ˜„

              We eat a good breakfast and a dinner at lunch time. Sometimes a healthy snack… And virtually no supper. Or otherwise seed crackers with cottage cheese. How about you? What’s for dinner?

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            • That sounds like a great diet for weight loss, but I need to go in the other direction. šŸ™‚
              Dinner’ll be rice bolognese for me. That’s like spag bol but without the spag. šŸ˜‰

              Individualised – what a great word! Must meditate on that.


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