Things I Did Today

Here are some things I did today:

  • Painted the back fence and gate a lovely medium oak colour
  • Made dhal (Gujarati style)
  • Ate a bag of crisps (Ringos) just before dinner
  • Put a new mattress on the bed
  • Carried a (spider) plant upstairs
  • Read 42 pages (so far) of a book (Rosewater by Tade Thompson)
  • Cut my fingernails and toenails
  • Wrote this.

And yeah, there were loads of other things too, but they were just everyday things like listening to fireworks, watching plants, washing my ears, putting my slippers on, waiting for stuff, picking up fluff, opening doors, laying the table, breathing (more than once), smiling, meditating, scratching my face, running my tongue over the sharp bit on the tooth that the dentist filled yesterday, easing the crick in my neck, rushing to finish something (this) because waiting is over, but not to worry about all of this.

I’m going to cut an avocado now.

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