2020 Word of the Year

No surprise to hear that the newly announced word of the year for 2020 is *drum roll* lockdown. Makes me wonder if I used the word at all on my blog. Let’s see.

Peter seems to be the first place I mentioned lockdown on this blog, but that was way back in 2017. Maybe I anticipated this worldwide pandemic a whole three years in advance! You’ll have to read it if you want to know for sure.

I’ve got long-running series called Bench Views in which I comment on the fun I have on benches as I sit on them. I think the series is up to number 20 now. Some of them are funny, others are peculiar but all of them are enormously averagely written. Here are a couple of them that mention lockdown: Bench Views #04 – River Foss and Bench Views #05 – Omnicon Balfour Beatty. Also, one of the above features squirrels.

And the crowd begs for more! Okay, here we go. This one gives talks about my relationship with a particular person: We get on Fine, this one features an incontinent turtle during lockdown: Everything has Consequences, this one is all about how hair gets too long when you can’t get to the hairdresser: Overdue Haircut and this one talks about how cows have taken over the world: A Turd for the Worst. All in all, I’m having fun with lockdown and you can share it with me by reading any of these links.

I wrote a very popular (and long) post about a long cycle-ride I did whilst in this long lockdown. I called it Around the York in Eighty Roundabouts but really there were only about thirteen of them. I had to be very careful to keep away from cars whilst travelling this route; not because of the virus but simply because hitting those things can hurt! Read all about the joys and tribulations of cycling around the York outer-ring-road on the link.

And that’s that for now. If’n you want to read about the Collins Dictionary Word of the Year then you could do worse than read about it on the BBC. Here’s the link: Covid-19: ‘Lockdown‘ declared Collins Dictionary word of the year.

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