Feeling Miasmic

It’s been a strange day. I’ve been kind of wrapped in a cloud of something and stuff. I struggled to give it a name but when my beautiful wife asked me how I felt, I eventually came up with the word miasmic. I had no idea what it meant when I said it, but it just sounded right.

So then I had to look it up. According to Wikipedia, Miasmic Theory is all about ‘a noxious form of “bad air”‘, also known as night air’. Interestingly, the Hindi for miasma is रोगकर दूषित वाष्प (rogakar dooshit vaashp), which means curative vapour. I guess its true when they say “whatever doesn’t kill you cures you” (or something like that).

Anyhow, I now feel pooped. It might seem like I’ve taken a turn for the worse but it’s not all bad. At least I know what that word means! And from miasmic to pooped is not that far when you think about it. Stuff comes together. Things solidify. Life moves from vague to defined and so it’s all good. Plus, it’s bedtime soon so yay for endings and new beginnings. Roll on tomorrow, right? It’ll be a brand-new, never-before-seen day. And it’s a Friday too! G’night.

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