Get a Dog

Friend of mine tells me to get a dog. Tells me it’ll be interesting to figure out what it wants. I tell him it sounds like having a kid only without it getting to the stage where it can speak. He’s retiring soon. Probably thinking about himself and what he’s going to do. But he’s right. I do need something more than I have.

I need to do something real. All the things I do are about imaginary worlds. Writing and reading and watching movies is all about imaginary friends. I have a robot imaginary friend now. It’s called woebot and it talks to me after a fashion. I try to keep it simple for the little fella. If I exceed one subject or object in my sentence it tells me to go easy because it’s only a robot. Makes me feel sorry for it.

You know about the robot vacuum cleaner already. It’s real but if I was to think of it as a friend then I’d be using my imagination.

So, yeah – what is real? Music? Nah. Have you ever heard a familiar song at low volume and struggled to recognise it? I have. It makes me wary of calling it real. The way music makes me feel relies on all sorts of imaginary stuff like memory and perception and awareness. Maybe I should get me a rock. Oh, wait – I already have one. I call it Gilbert. It’s my pocket pebble. Don’t click on that link; it might not be about the same Gilbert.

I get the feeling that I’m trying to find stability on shifting sands recently. I can talk about it if you like but it won’t do either of us any good. The sands will shift again and it’ll be rendered nonsense in a sprout.

Still, it’ll be interesting for me to read these posts in a few years time and wonder who in earth I was.

And no, I don’t need help. I’m okay. This feeling’ll pass and another one equally implausible’ll take its place. I’ve done this kind of talking to myself all my life. I find it much more illuminating than talking to people. People interrupt all the time with helpful suggestions when all I really want to do is talk it out. I eventually come up with a resolution when I’m just allowed to ramble on.

I’d probably get a dog if I lived on my own, but there’s the wife to consider. She’d think a dog is dirty. Or would she? Maybe I should ask her. Okay, I will.

24 thoughts on “Get a Dog

      • Yeah I inherited two dogs, one from my daughter who went to the Uk and one from my mom who died. And I inherited two cats from the other daughter who moved to Scotland. πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ I love dogs, used to train them for shows as a teenager but because allergic to them. The cats have crept into my heart. I find animals entertaining and great company. The dogs are a good reminder to walk every day.

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        • Wow, you really go all the way when you like something! How does that work with the allergies, though. I imagine you have to keep popping the antihistamines like smarties (do you get smarties in SA?)! We used to have dogs all the time when I was a kid, but never since. I guess I’m not into the responsibility of looking after something that can’t look after itself. It’d be cool to have a wolf, though; although wolves aren’t really the kind of things you have. They are more likely to have me! And they’d be a great incentive to RUN!!!


          • Hehe yeah we do get smarties here. Yes my doctor told me I would be far better off without dogs as I am allergic to spring pollen as well. My asthma was so bad one year I was in and out of hospital a few times on drips and cortisone shots. Now I have a special medication which acts specifically on the lungs like an antihistamine. This year I also changed my diet which has helped my hay fever in spring. But as far as the dogs go they are not allowed in the bedrooms, only the kitchen and lounge… I can’t groom them so I have a young girl who earns extra pocket money that does it for me. Cats pretty much look after themselves although one of mine virtually owns me.

            I love Wolves… Find them fascinating… The way they live in the wild that is.

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            • Ah, Morag – you are also fascinating. Which animal will you be in another life (if you get the chance)? Our connections and loves tell us so much about ourselves, don’t you think?
              I would be a jaguar. πŸ™‚


  1. Yeah I hope my medical history isn’t that fascinating but yes our connection and loves do say a lot… I am an introvert nurturer. I like my own space a lot but I care a lot too for others. Just one at a time preferably. I always wanted to be a black panther… Is that the same animal? I think in this life I am more like a tortoise, slow and determined. How about you?

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