Can’t believe how chirpy I used to be as a kid. I just took a trip down memory lane by reading a post from 2017 and it was such fun! Reason I read that post is that I was looking to see what the most used tag on this blog was. I was kinda surprised to find that it was Love!

I have used the Love tag seventy-six times since I started this blog three years and seven months ago. And of those posts, the one that got the most comments was the one I was reading a few minutes ago. It was called Mystery Blogger Award 2 so you can guess what it was about.

The post is chirpy enough by itself but it’s the conversations I had in the comments that impressed me the most. They are upbeat and make full use of … what’s that phrase you used Ms. Introverted Thoughts? … *looks it up* … ah yeah, that’s it: ‘Interactive Tone’. I make full use of the interactive tone. I’m even a bit flirty at times (but don’t tell the wife whatever you do)!

I wish that I could find that flirty, flighty, flippant(y) tone again but I fear that it’s worn off with the passage of time. Perhaps I need some new feelings because these I have seem to be dull and difficult to digest. Ah, if only I could analyse the past-me that I used to be and reinstall that certain sparkle I used to have.

So, by the time I’ve finished sending this dull download from my brain out into the world it will be the seventy-seventh post on this blog to be tagged with Love. And why not. I mean, I still love y’all after all.

’nuff said.

33 thoughts on “Chirpy

  1. up up! it’s time to put that flirt on her heels and have her watch her fingers beating on the keyboard as if she were playing an extravagant harp. the disheveled tufts, the wind between ear and ear, a musical 3/4, a thread of malice around the neck and the desire to play for a few minutes. Come on! 😀

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  2. Well Mr chirpy Robert, the humor is still there, I sense it… Whether it be dark, sarcastic or upbeat. Maybe the chirp has gone into hiding, but for what reason only you can know. So if you were a kid in 2017 🤔🤔 not that long ago although in blogging years that is way back when /then. What drew you to blogging?

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    • Yeah, you’re right – I mean a kid in terms of blogging. A glance at my About page will tell you that I’m a little older in actual years. 😉
      Blogging. Hmm. Dunno. I started to write in 2015 for the first time since school and it kind of grew from there. Blogging turned out to be a great way to share my prolificity (is that a word?) I had another WordPress blog for a couple of years and then I switched to this one on April 01st 2017. What about you?


      • I have two other blogs on I started in 2008. One was more about my professional life… Art in counseling. It was just awkward because they recommend that one stays impersonal which if you read my blogs I don’t do. Not my style. The second one was going to be a cooperative one amongst friends but it boiled down to just me. It was about art, poetry and short stories but they are now waiting for me to decide if I want to bring some of it onto WordPress or not.

        The WordPress one I started in 2017 continue a bit more enthusiastically in 2018 and then made a full hearted decision to write as practice as I hope to write a book one day. I wanted to be a writer from the age 8. Spoke poetry at a younger age and Wrote poetry from 12. Well I could carry on about my writing (prolificity)… But I will leave it at that for now.
        Was your other blog in the same style or was it different?

        In the mean time I have discovered on WordPress the blogging community which I enjoy interacting with.

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        • I don’t know what Blogger is like, but I enjoy WordPress (like you) specifically because of the community. People really respond to comments and you can engage in meaningful conversation with someone about their writing, life, or absolutely anything! I love that.
          My other blog was much of the same really. It’s about as big as this one in terms of posts and followers so well worth a look. I see it as an archive of my life because it catalogues my feelings and thoughts about all sorts of things over the years. I take my writing seriously, but I don’t get too serious in it, if you know what I mean. So, yeah – that’s that.


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