What’s Hot?

Whenever I’ve tried to write about heat before now it’s turned people off. I’ve approached it in all kinds of ways, but the only result is a lack of interest and a turning away. My Likes and Comments on those kinds of posts are low and I end up feeling so deflated that I just can’t get up the energy to get back up onto the horse again, so to speak.

I think that it’s the group effect. No-one wants to be seen to be Liking something that they perceive should be private. People prefer it if their interest in heat is not seen by the rest of the group. Heat is private between two consenting adults and what happens in that heat of the moment should stay in the room; locked away and inaccessible to the rest of the world.

Perhaps people will read this and agree with what I’m saying, but they will not post a Comment because that will be admitting an audience into their private chamber. It will splash their interest in heat across the headlines. It will expose them to possible criticism or even condemnation. Dropping a Like is tantamount to admitting something that their psyche forbids them to express, that it: I like reading about heat.

That said, there has been talk of heat on this blog. It usually occurs on older, innocent seeming posts that no-one would give a second, or even a first glance to. They are not signposted or tagged, but there they are: redolent with sweltering, all-consuming heat. But they are tucked away from sight and are difficult to find, unless you know where to look, and they are therefore somewhat safe.

Secret heat is one of the joys and shames of this world. Hidden away in hotel rooms and out-of-the-way closets are people engaging in heat. And perhaps you think of hotel-heat as being false or unfaithful, but it still happens. People are searching for and engaging in heat in every dimly-lit corner. And they are enjoying themselves. Shadowy places encourage verve, audacity and even, dare I say it, pluck! Heat in the heart of darkness can be the hottest heat of them all.

So why am I talking about heat when I know that you will not or cannot reply? Why bother broaching the subject when it can only lead to a lustreless performance on the statistical front? Well, because I think that people can change. And it could be that by talking about heat I can instigate the very change that I’m writing about.

Possibly you’re intent on reading these words right through to their steamy climax and then you’re going to enjoy a post-heat conversation with me that’s something more than a grunt and turning of your body to the wall leaving me to lie, alone and bereft in my metaphorical wet-patch. And hey, it doesn’t have to be much. A brushed hand against my shoulder, a quick cuddle or just a sigh of pleasure at having been taken on a journey and left on a higher plateau for a brief moment before we turn again to our lives. Anything would be good. Anything but a silence that speaks volumes.

But if not, then shh, it’s okay. No, really – it’s all good. Shush, baby, shush. Sleep.

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