Realisation of the Day

It doesn’t really matter how awquward sounding or grammatically incorrect or misspelled your words are so long as you’re saying something good with them.

By good I mean that it comes from the heart and it expresses something that is life affirming.

An example of something that is immaculately edited so that all the letters line up properly is Strange Weather by Joe Hill. I finished reading it last week and I gotta say that that I’m not happy at letting that book into my head. In short, it’s a depressing read that foists the idea that life is twisted and uncomfortable onto an unsuspecting reader. It’s written right but it’s not life affirming.

And example of something that awquward sounding and yet life affirming is the debut album of Mumford & Sons: Sigh No More. I listened to it this morning and I was torn. The musicians are really into the job and are good at playing their stuff. The singer is sincere and he twangs the heart-strings with his fragile sounding honesty and heartfelt delivery. But here’s the thing: his lyrics are awquward and twisted into shapes that people don’t normally use. But here’s the other thing: that album won award after award and sold by the bucket-load all around the world.

So, yeah – don’t bother about how awquward and stilted you sound when you talk; don’t bother about your writing style being gauche and downright pitiful from the point-of-view of a language professor; and don’t bother if you say um and ah at every turn of your sentence – just make sure that you’re saying something that’ll help someone else or yourself feel better about themselves and you’re set.

Right – write!

28 thoughts on “Realisation of the Day

    • … and here’s a conversation starter! πŸ˜€
      I don’t think you’re writing sucks at all. You write clearly and, most importantly for this busy world, succinctly. You go in there, get to the point and then get out of there. No bloat, no extra words, just purely expressed intellect. Where do you get your ideas from? Because I’m not going out much I’ve had to change what I write about. It’s more internal than external now. You find the same?

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      • Thank you so much for the complement. My ideas come from the things I consume mostly YouTube videos about productivity, reading the Bible and some self help. I just want to maintain peace in my mind. The way I write is mostly because I am a scientist, I like to get to the point and not waste time. Hahaha sometimes I look at some posts and I am in owe, how do people do that? Write 1500 words about an idea. I worry that I will start being redundant or even argue against myself then it will never end. The point of my blog is just to get me to write more. For some reason, I do want to write something long one day. I never went out much even before the pandemic so I don’t know.

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        • I agree with you about maintaining peace in the mind. I’ve never read most of the Bible and so I don’t know of the benefits of that, but I have read plenty of self-help literature in the past (little of which has helped). The thing that helps me most is writing. I can work things through in my mind, but it’s much more effective to do it on paper (or on a blog post). Most of my blog is about me. Apparently there’s a phrase for it: a Lifestyle Blog.
          What kind of scientist are you? Chemistry, Biology, Physics or something else?

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