Lessons from World War Z

Guess which movie became free to watch with Amazon Prime today. Yep, you got it – World War Z, where Z apparently means Zeke. Judging by the state of the world today, the free availability of this movies comes not a moment too soon!

So, in the spirit of helping our fellow humans, here are ten lessons me and the wife learnt from watching this epic movie:

  1. Always wear your seatbelt. If you’re going to need to survive an aeroplane crash that kills everybody on the plane that’s not already a Zeke then you need to be strapped in tight. Fortunately Brad Pitt and his lady companion are.
  2. Be observant. This is so that you can notice important signs of how the Zekes move and how they are selective about who they bite!
  3. Take risks. Movement is survival and so take the risk of moving towards a place of safety even if there’s danger on the route.
  4. Don’t be the president of the United States. Yep, you got it – he died early on in the movie.
  5. Don’t pull the shrapnel out. If you do that you’ll die from loss of blood because that thing goes straight in one side of your body and out the other.
  6. Chop off her hand, and do it super quick! If she gets bitten on her hand then that’s good advice so just hope that she doesnt get bitten anywhere else.
  7. Keep your phone on silent when you’re going through a whole bunch of Zekes that become super aggressive when your wife calls you to check how you’re doing.
  8. Be fit. You’re going to need to run and so keep those legs strong!
  9. Don’t keep your finger on the trigger. That’s so that if you run and trip you won’t accidentally blow your own brains out.
  10. Be Brad Pitt. Because, let’s face it – if you’re the starboy/girl you’re not going to die whatever happens!

There you go, that’s our quick guide to surviving a Zeke Apocalypse. We hope that some of these lessons are applicable should you happen to get caught up in any other kind of Global Pandemic. But let’s hope that you don’t. Fingers crossed.

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