A Rush of OMG to My Head

I’m stepping on sinking stepping stones all the time and I need to get off them and onto dry land. Putting my faith in things that constantly change is getting my feet wet. I need to move away from temporary pleasures towards something that will remain solid when the tide of fate turns; as it always does.

I won’t go into a list of the things that have turned dark recently because I know for a fact that they will all lighten tomorrow (or the day after), but I just know that I want to stop sloshing about in the water of my life. I need to move away from the phases of the moon and the seasons of the sun into a place that is beyond those fluctuations.

There’s only one calm centre-point to all of life and that is God. I’M aware that moving closer to the source of all goodness is not the only way to move away from the instability inherent in life, and that others have taken another path, but it’s the option that does not involve any destruction and loss for me or for those in my life.

You wouldn’t mind if I loved God a little more that you would you? You wouldn’t be jealous if I said to you that I want the the strong, spiritual arms of God to comfort me and hold me above any storms that might come my way. You wouldn’t begrudge me a life of straightforward love and happiness in the heart of the supreme being. Yes, I know you wouldn’t.

So, yeah, let’s see how that goes.

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