Ten Truths about Love

Okay there’s love and there’s true love. I’m not talking about the difference between infatuation and love here, and not even the difference between lust and love. I’m talking about the difference between human love and Godly love.

These are ten truths about human love (the failable kind):

  1. If you’re trembling, have a racing heart and accelerated breathing then it’s more likely to be tachycardia than love.
  2. Falling in love is less like being swept off your feet and more like plummeting to your death.
  3. Love is a dangerous drug: you feel good at first then you have an insatiable appetite for more until finally you overdose and end up in re-hab.
  4. One good turn deserves another and one good love deserves another round, bartender.
  5. Love me tender, love me true rarely works if you’re in an embroidered jumpsuit eating a hamburger.
  6. Love hurts like a blunt razor to your armpits, legs, face or .. ahem … any other part that needs shaving for the weekend.
  7. Love is like a baked potato: tasty when it’s hot but what’s left over is not good to have for breakfast the next morning.
  8. Believing you’re under the wings of love, angels and fairies is a good way to wean yourself off alcohol but a terrible way to fly.
  9. People and plants wilt in the heat but love withers away when the heat is gone.
  10. Love is a stranger in an open car. Run!

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