Love, Sweet Love

As the old song goes: what the world needs now is Love, Sweet Love – and a fair old dollop of Peace too. I mean, hey – it’s Christmas soon and so let’s get into the spirit. How about we do a quick meditation together. Let’s spread some peaceful and loving vibes out into the world. Hey, wait – don’t bother about sitting up straight or sitting on the floor cross-legged. Don’t even bother with the incense or the candle – we’re going to do this old-school.

First off, watch what in your mind right now. Not much, right? You’re probably focused on these words that you’re reading, yes? That’s okay. If there is anything else then just let it go for now and relax into what you’re reading. I’m here to encourage you to let go of all those other thoughts and guide you into some new ones. Ready?

Second step is to get in touch with how you’re feeling. Gently feel what your body is telling you and what your mind is telling you about your body and the worlds around it. Got all that? Right, now forget about it. You’re not going to need your body for a few minutes so let all that stuff slide away.

Third stage is just to follow these words. Make like I’m someone you love and trust and I’m gently helping you. You are feeling very peaceful. Soothed. A ocean of peace is lapping up against your mind and you want to let it in. It feels like sleep but at the same time you’re very alert. You feel like you’ve just had a lovely meal and you are just chilling. You’re sitting by the window of your softly lit room. It’s evening and you’re just watching the stars twinkling in the sky outside. A lovely layer of snow lays across the ground like a pure, white cloak. It’s quiet out there and you feel warm and comfortable inside your room. You’re safe and you feel supremely capable. Your mind is strong. You want to give some of that strength to the world.

Taking a deep breath you gather a room full of peace in your chest and then, with an ooof, release that peace into the world. Watch it go out there and coat the windowpane with condensation. Watch how it blurs the scene outside. See how the things you see are affected by the peace you’ve just released. It feels good. You feel good.

Take another, bigger, deeper breath and feel it in your chest. It’s a lovely sensation to have this city-sized sea of peace resting inside of you. Now release it onto the world with an ooof. Watch it blow straight through the glass and out into the crisp air. It’s spreading through your city and as it does so it’s visiting every single person and thing and coating them with a layer of sweet peace. In your mind you can see people sitting up and looking around as if they heard an unexpected sound. Then you see a smile creep across their faces as if they are children and you have just told them that you love them and they are safe. And they are.

Now take another deep breath into your chest. This one is the big one. This is going out to the world and so cram every drop of loving peace into it. Feel your heart come alive with the intensity of the positivity you’re putting into this breath. You’re alive with peace. Your chest aches with your love of the world. Hold it there. Savour it. Feel it. Now, with the biggest ooof ever, whoosh that breath out into the world. Watch the love and peace you have created within yourself rush out into your room, blow through your walls as if they don’t exist, spread into your city past all the people who are exclaiming with delight and on into the world to roll like an unstoppable force past country and sea and over continent after continent.

As wave after wave of your energy pours into the world and ignites joy in every heart, marvel at the power of the transformation you’re bringing about. Wonder at how the human heart can pick up your love and use it as fuel to make changes for the better. And hey, did you see that! People all over the world are taking a deep breath of their own and feeling a surge of love and peace for themselves. And then they’re letting out that energy so that the immense ocean of their collective sweetness engulfs the planet and bring us all into deep harmony and a feeling that we are whole. And we are one. And we love. We are peace.

Now settle back into your own heart, smile like you have never smiled before and have yourself a loving Christmas and a peaceful New Year. You, my friend, are a peaceful being. You are the embodiment of love. You have given yourself to the world. Remember these things. Always.

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