Love has Many Faces – Connected to One

Gody love has made many hearts that had been attached to many relationships (and had been broken into many pieces) become connected to the One. Because here’s the thing – when you connected to many others then you get pulled apart by the tides of their movement. People and things are always moving and when they do, sometimes they move towards you but, more often than not, they move away. And when they do, they take another little piece of your heart with them. But hey, look on the bright side – if you love God instead then your heart is going to stay in the same place and it’s always going to be whole because – you know what? God never changes and always loves and is forever yours. Neat, huh!

3 thoughts on “Love has Many Faces – Connected to One

  1. yes, it sounds very comforting. the theme of love that does not disappoint (only to feel betrayed by it in the face of inexplicable mourning) is widely used here – Catholic enclave – by Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses. however, it is more captivating when proposed by mystery philosophies and doctrines. 😉

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