Love has Many Faces – Leakage

Is there attachment to any person or thing, that is, is there any leakage? This leakage will not allow you to experience the stage of being absorbed in love. See that frog? Cute ain’t he! But look closer. You see what he’s doing there? Yep, he’s sneaking away with your heart! While you were busy admiring his long green limbs and his cute smile he was admiring your stupidity. You took your eye off the metaphorical ball and he went home with it. And as long as you do things like that you can’t stay happy for long because all your love is leaking away. The only safe way to love is to fix your gaze on God because when you do that, all your leaks are automatically fixed by the steadiness and purity of Godly love. So leave the frogs alone and love God instead, okay?

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