Some Faces that Love Wears

When I was fifteen and then again when I was twenty-one I looked at a girl in a certain way and she said ‘what?’ and I said ‘nothing’. That was a face of love. My regret when I think about that is another face of love. These faces are not always smiling and and not always happy, but they are love.

Sometimes I allow those who love me to do crazy things like throw things from an upper story window so that they crash onto the rocks below and break into a thousand pieces that are so small that they slip into the spaces between dirt like the pieces of my broken heart. My face was hard and yet it wore love. A love that tears can’t wash away.

Several years ago I went to the park and hung upside down from a tree while my wife took photographs of me with a look of love on her face. That kind is easy to catch and easy to paint into pictures because it’s the one that people like and marvel over while they say ‘yes, that is love and I wish my love was as bright and cheerful as that’. This is just normal but what they don’t realise is that it’s not the most common face that love can wear.

No-one likes to say goodbye but some people have to. They have so much love inside them that the costume they wear can’t contain it all and so they leave it with the help of pills or blade or gas or water. Their face is wearing love but they can’t seem to reach it. Their heart is full of love but they can’t express it. Their longing is for love but they just don’t know how to make that connection and so they leave for other shores. I hope they find what they’re looking for there.

One of the sweetest things you can say to a person is not ‘I love you’ but ‘I accept you just the way you are with all your quirks and bumps that some people might call imperfections but I just call love of things that I just don’t understand yet but I’m willing to learn about.’ Just try saying that to someone in your life today. You can memorise it and say it as if it’s your own – I won’t mind. See how love takes off from your heart and flies to that of another and roosts there. Just watch.

Unbelievably, despite the magic that is in this world when we smile at the faces of love that are absolutely everywhere this realm doesn’t contain a fraction of the love you can find in other dimensions. Here’s a thing to try: say ‘I love you God.’ Let me know what happens.

4 thoughts on “Some Faces that Love Wears

  1. For the love of creator! When we walk the road with creator in tow, we feel not only our love for creator but that which creator Carrys for us and streams through us. 😍👌

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