7 thoughts on “Blessing for Today – Love

  1. Wisdom, beauty and profound ancientness, as always, Robert. Love how this short post said so much, without having tons of paragraphs. People these days write a LOT of fillers to put some stuff in their text and increase word count. What I do? I hate that. But with what you wrote, Robert, you’ve touched my heart (ironic, right? Post about love touched my heart!) with this eloquently crafted short post.
    Thank you so much!

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        • It’s cool. I’m in hibernation at the moment (just posting blessings rather than real stuff). You’ll have to skip back a few weeks to find the real me. If you read posts where I’m talking about love then it’s a project I was doing (public talk) so skip back again. If you find posts where there’s a lot of filler to boost the word count then – bingo! – that’ll be me. 😉

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