New Beginnings

Well, Santa’s slunk off back to Lapland to brood moodily on whether kids will be good or bad in 2021; most of the christmas trees are either back in the attic or have been slung over the back fence; and the New Year Resolution train is hurtling down the track bound for stations unknown, little suspecting that, as per usual, it’ll be derailed a few miles down the track with the loss of all promises.

So what’s next?

Well, I just saw my first advert of the year for Easter courtesy of a certain cream-filled egg manufacturer so, although I’m not going to be visiting my local shops anytime soon to see if the shelves are stacked with chocolate eggs and bunnies, I’m confident that the consumer society is still in full swing, despite the efforts of Covid-19 to push us off it. Life might have been turned upside down for a great many of us, but some things never change, even if they are increasingly online.

But wait, is there any good news on the horizon for us in 2021?

I read that Elon Musk is now the richest man in the world and that he has pledged to use half of his wealth to make Earth into a better place to live (and the other half to move us all to Mars if things don’t work out here), so that’s good, right? But that aside, here’s what really cheers me up about the world today: you are reading this.

Why is this good? Well, it means that you’re actively looking for a new beginning and a better world. You’re not just sitting there and sulking; you’re looking for the love, life and happiness. And what could be better than this as the basis for a fine future? Well done you! Now let’s build on that and spread the love. Why not reach out to someone you haven’t talked to for a while and wish them a Happy New Year for 2021 and make it a new beginning for them too? Let’s connect up and make this year a good one and let’s start today – who’s with me?

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