Bess Atwell

I found Bess Atwell lurking on Amazon Prime this morning.

Bess Atwell on Prime Music (

Bess is a singer who had (as of this morning) just 10+ followers. But here’s the thing: she sings like one of those birds that sing songs (don’t ask me to name one – I don’t know my songbirds) really prettily and so I reckon that she deserves much more support!

Later on in the morning I found some more of her songs (and pretty voice) on Soundcloud and so I spent some time listening to her there.

Bess Atwell | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Then I found that she has some nice videos on her own website so I spent some time watching her sing her songs there too.

VIDEO | Bess Atwell

In and amongst all of this excitement I made my mind up about something: I was going to to double her listernership on Amazon Prime. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do that, but it turns out that I didn’t need to trouble my little head, because the universe heard me and did it for me!

Here’s the proof: I just checked Amazon Prime a few minutes ago and found that the good Bess Atwell now has 20+ followers, which is exactly double what it was this morning. So there you go. Thank you universe.

So … Erm. Yeah. That’s it. Message over. 🙂

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