Something New

I started something new yesterday. Something for me. Something that I don’t mind sharing with you. It’s a podcast.

I’ve never done a podcast before; unbelievable, right! So this is bright, blue skies as far as I’m concerned. And yeah, I know – there are many podcast out there, but I promise that there are none quite like this!

This one features Sklugoo, who is a frog that lives on my kitchen windowledge (and sometimes at the side of the sink if he’s feeling brave). He meditates and has two disciples (so far). He’s accepting new disciples, but don’t get too carried away – this will not give you the right to sit on my kitchen wimdowledge. You’ll be what I’m going to call eDisciples, okay?

So here’s where you can access the podcast: Sklugoo Speaks. He says that you’re cool to click on the link now. And I agree.

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