Scene Setting

Lighting: dark and stormy – lightning flashes periodically to illuminate them – backlit otherwise – silhouettes

How & where: centre stage as curtain comes up – wind is blowing

What are they like: all angles and elongated limbs/fingers – grotesque faces that are twisted and unreal with teeth exposed and long hair (black or maybe pure white) – long, tattered clothes

Sound: howling wind – random scary background noises – lulls in sound when they start to speak

First Scene

(Clifton Backies on a rank night in September. Three alkies stand over a bush they’ve set on fire and added a car tyre to. Warming their hands and swigging on cans of Carlsberg (buy six get two free at the offie)

First Alkie: Bollocks to this, I’m off.

Second Alkie: What’s up, Fred – you too good for us?

Third Alkie: (echoes) Too good?

First Alkie: We’re out of booze, innit (gestures to enpty cans scattered around them). Besides, this smoke’s getting on mi lungs (coughs)

Third Alkie: Lungs (laughs)

Second Alkie: Same time again tomorrow?

Third Alkie: Tomorrow?

First Alkie: Yeah, same time, same place. I’m going to bring me mate.

Third Alkie: (rising voice ends with shouting) Mate, mate, mate!

First Alkie: Mi mate Macbeth. In from Glasgow tomorrow morning.

Second Alkie: He’s a right wanker he is. Let’s have some ‘fun’ with him. (cackles).

Third Alkie: (whispers maliciously) Fun.

First Alkie: (doubtfully) He’s up for the week so it’ll have to be …

Second Alkie: … quick and brutal.

Third Alkie: Stab ‘im.

Second Alkie: Tricks ‘im.

First Alkie: You horrible buggers. (grins) I’m in. Set it up. I’m off.

Seond Alkie: Me too.

Third Alkie: Too.

(All stumble off into the dark in various directions.)

You know how the rest goes, right?

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