How to do Stuff Well – an A to Z

This is a series of 26 articles about various things that interest me. Many of them contain solid advice based on my experience, some are more fanciful and others are told in story form. My favourite, if you’re interested, is C, but they’re all worth a read.

Oh, and if you want to listen to my voice reading them, then head on over to the podcast Sklugoo Speaks, where Sklugoo, a small, green meditating frog, uses my voice as a channel for his wisdom. And yeah, I know that you think that frogs can’t do that.

a – How to Act Well

b – How to Be Well

c – How to Crow Well

d – How to Dance Well

e – How to Extemporise Well

f – How to Fall Well

g – How to Get Well

h – How to Hurry Well

i – How to Imitate Well

j – How to Journey Well

k – How to Keep Well

l – How to Listen Well

m – How to Manage Well

n – How to Neaten Well

o – How to Open Well

p – How to Play Well

q – How to Queue Well

r – How to Read Well

s – How to Sleep Well

t – How to Talk Well

u – How to Ululate Well

v – How to Visualise Well

w – How to Walk Well

x – How to Xerox Well

y – How to Yield Well

z – How to Zigzag Well

One more thing: Sklugoo has two disciples and they are both chickens, but neither of them are in this photograph:

Photo by Thu00e0nh u0110u1ed7 on

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