Hygge and Flick

Felicity Crammond (aka Flick)

Flick wants a quiet life without noise and nonsense unless, of course, she’s creating the noise and making up the nonsense herself. Her baby sister doesn’t fit very well into her plans because she is always crying and pooping her pants and stuff like that. Their mother is surprisingly sympathetic towards the baby and not at all happy with Flick’s demands for a little peace and quiet gosh-darn it, I’m trying to look at the pictures in this book! Yes, Flick has a temper too.

Today, Baby is being particularly fractious and so Flick decides to do something about it. She isn’t sure what it will be yet, so she sits and thinks. Should she take the baby and lock her in the shed at the bottom of the garden for a while? That’d sure make it more peaceful in the house. Flick considers the ups and down. On the bright side, she’ll probably be able to get through all of My Caterpillar Goes Bananas before Mummy finds out what she’s done. But on the down side, Mummy is sure to find out in the end and then Flick won’t get any nice, sweet things after eating all her greens up when dinnertime comes around.

In the end Flick decides against the shed and gives Baby a nice hygge instead. In essence, hygge means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. The warm glow of the TV is hygge. Picking your nose and wiping it on the carpet is hygge. Cosying up with Baby for a marathon session of Polly Pocket – that’s hygge, too. And, as a bonus, Flick gets gets a lovely sugar-rush after dinner and is allowed to run around squeaking and flapping her arms for a good thirty-seven seconds before she’s given the choice of being sent to bed immediately or being a tiny bit quieter please because Mummy has a headache.

Check back soon for more fun with Flick and Baby (if the little tykes can keep quiet for a moment).

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