Flick and Cwtch

Felicity Crammond (aka Flick)

Flick is a big fan of running around squeaking, especially when she’s been eating a bit more sugar than her system can cope with at any one time. Also high on her fun-agenda, especially an hour or so after she’s had a burst of squeaking, is having a nap. She doesn’t always need a nap because sometimes there are too many exciting things happening around her to miss. One of those exciting things is going out and riding on her pink bicycle. She especially likes to dress up for the occasion. Naturally it has to be in pink.

Up and down the road she goes on her pink bicycle with its two big wheels and two little wheels. The big ones are for going fast and the little ones are so that she does not fall off when she goes fast. Even though she is only five, she still goes like a rocket and when she does, a little pum sometimes comes out of her bum, as if she is jet propelled. She has long since stopped wearing nappies and so she knows not to force the wind out of her bottom just in case something else comes out instead.

After she’s had a ride up and down and up and down the road, Flick likes nothing better than to leave her bicycle in the back garden for Mummy to put away and then curl up on the sofa for a nap. Mummy sometimes comes and sits with her, but even if she can’t, because she has better things to do with my time than sit around all day, she drapes a blanket over Flick that smells of love. Either way, Flick has the feeling of being safe, as if being wrapped a big cuddle, which is something that the Welsh people call cwtch. Flick is very fond of cwtch.

If you continue to come here, you can read more about what Flick does on her summer days of light and laughter.

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