Flick has Gula

Flick loves food, but let’s face it: what five year old doesn’t. Even when Flick is laying on her back in a meadow full of flowers and sunshine and she is looking up at the clouds floating across the pure, blue sky, she is thinking of food to the extent of finding the shapes of her favourite snacks in those clouds. Look, Mummy, that cloud looks just like pizza! Other foods follow; some are sweet and some are slightly savoury, but tellingly none of them are cabbage.

Tell me a story about a bag of Leo the Lion Chewy Fruit Gums, Mummy! Now Flick’s mother knows not to reply. She used to try telling Flick stories, but she knows by now that this is not an invitation to talk, but a command to stay silent while her daughter tells her stuff. Flick clears her throat, puts on her most important story-telling voice and begins.

I’ll not tell you the whole story because, truth be told, it’s only something that a mother would find endearing but the essence is that Gula, a Leo the Lion Fruit Gum with the desire to eat sweeties simply for the taste, went on a quest upon the clouds to find the sweetest, most lovely stick of candy-floss ever. Obviously he succeeded and that was that. But here’s the interesting thing: neither mother nor child know that ‘gula’ is the Spanish word for eating food just for the taste. Life is sometimes ironic like that, don’t you agree?

Call back later and I’ll tell you more about Flick. She’s a cutesy-pie.

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