How to Become a Great Radio Presenter

Just be doing my homework. I have a radio show to present tomorrow (2nd Sep 6-8pm BST) on 5 Towns Radio.

00:34 – 20. Don’t Worry, Be Happy! 00:50 – 19. Be Well Read 01:22 – 18. Listen to Other Shows 01:43 – 17. Always Pre-Read Your Scripts 02:10 – 16. Don’t Be F%*#ing Offensive 02:27 – 15. Get Friendly with Paperwork 02:44 – 14. Always be HomeTown Proud 03:06 – 13. Laugh at Yourself 03:25 – 12. Be Disciplined 03:47 – 11. Promote Your Fellow Hosts 04:12 – 10. Embrace Your Community 04:26 – 9. Be Friends with Everyone 04:40 – 8. Learn New Skills 05:02 – 7. Get Networking! 05:36 – 6. Become a Storyteller 06:00 – 5. Find Your Niche 06:22 – 4. Be Social Media Savvy 06:52 – 3. Always Show Your Gratitude 07:17 – 2. Listen Back to Your Shows 07:40 – 1. Invest in Quality

  1. Prepare Beforehand: Trying to juggle too many things at once can result in mistakes. Structure your time by preparing beforehand so you can produce the best shows possible.
  2. Be Authentic: People like to listen to presenters that come across as genuine. Be proud of who you are and where you came from. You may not appeal to everyone, but at least your authentic and broadcast with confidence.
  3. Talk to One Person: Engage with your listeners by presenting your shows like you’re talking to a friend. For example, “I hope you had a good weekend! We’ve got some awesome tracks coming your way soon, so stay tuned!”.
  4. Have Something to Say: No one wants to listen to a boring person. As a radio personality, you should have something to say. Be passionate on-air to engage with your listeners.
  5. Air Check Shows: Once you have finished a broadcast, go back and listen to what was said. What went well and what didn’t? Address these issues next time you are on air.

1. NEVER Be Boring

2. Air Check Your Shows

3. Make Listeners Feel Special

4. Social Media Savvy

5. Stay Updated

6. Paint Pictures with Words

7. Share Nuggets of Your Life On-Air

8. Learn Useful New Skills

9. Know Your Station Like the Back of Your Hand

10. Community Focused

11. Promote Fellow Presenters

12. Professional and Punctual

13. Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously, or No One Will

14. Never Forget Your Roots

15. Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail

16. Don’t Be Prejudiced

17. Always Pre-Read Scripts

18. Engage With Your Radio Station

19. Do Your Research

20. Keep Cool

I’ve got my songs prepared.

I’ve spoken to as many of the other presenters on the radio station that would reply to my email in which I begged for tips (about a dozen of them replied with some really useful stuff.

I’ve worked out how much time I have to speak between each song (somewhere between 40 secs and 2.5 minute depending on how many songs I want to play per hour (between 10 and 17 depending on how much talking I can come up with)).

And I’ve started writing out a list of 30 one-word prompts:

Yeah, that needs a little work, but I’ve got all day tomorrow to do that. It’s just a question of distilling the essence of the above and the emails from the other presenters. Easy.

  1. Listeners/Bladerunner
  2. Animal
  3. Local/Community/Inoffensive
  4. Mouth/Laughing
  5. Partner/Phil/Wife
  6. Research (So, I survived the zombie apocalypse and all I got was this podcast by Chris Freeman)
  7. Script/List
  8. Hometown/Roots
  9. Songs
  10. Presenters
  11. Lifestories
  12. Wordpictures
  13. Unboring
  14. Relax/Enjoy (The History Man and Her (John and Kay))
  15. Stand (David Walton – sat in France)
  16. Prepared (Rob Shersby)
  17. Confidence/Clarity/Music (Adam Press)
  18. Course (Bec/Bev/Liz/Gail/Lindsey/Chelsea/Janette/Halima)

So, yeah – that’s it – all set up to present a two hour radio show. Yay!

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