The Kids are (Al)Right

I understand now what it’s like to be a kid. It’s as painful as heck.

Kids don’t want to do the same things as their parents do. They have different interests and if they’re forced to conform and he what their parents want them to be then it’s infinitely painful for them. They just don’t find their parent’s interests interesting, and that’s that.

The only way to get them involved in the things of another generation is to reward them. Rewards are like bribes. Bribes are like payments for the time they losing away from their real interests. It works in the same way that paid employment does, except that these are kids that you’re paying with snacks and spending money. It’s like child labour, which is, as you well know, is illegal. And if it isn’t illegal in your part of the world then it darned well should be.

Pity the kids who can’t spend time doing what they want to do with their time. And don’t even ask what it is that they want to do because it’s none of your freakin’ business, Mom. Just accept that they are not you, trust that they won’t do anything too bad and just get on with your own life.

Nuff said.

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