Self-Respect (and a Cow)

Wanting people to like you means that you have low self-respect.

A bold statement, but is it true? Of course it is; and of course it isn’t. It all depends on what your truth is. I’m sat on a gate at the far end of a field. It’s far away from people, but it’s on a path that people can take. If someone chose to walk here then they would cross my path. Do I want that? Yes and no.

I went to the GP Surgery today to make an appointment to see a doctor so that they can look at the patch of skin at the hairline of my right temple (I wonder which part of the brain is under there). The skin patch is asymmetrical with an irregular border, has more than one colour, is more than 6mm in diameter and is evolving. Yeah, those bold letter are the abcde of what cancerous moles look like. I looked them up on the internet. So that’s my news.

There are lots of people in this world and there’s a scale, a continuum on which they fall. Take a simple one with good at one end and bad on the other. Don’t define the terms so that we can keep it simple. Let’s just say that if a bad person came along then I wouldn’t care to be disturbed. If, on the other hand, a good person happened along then I might be open to a little company. But not much. Just enough to get confirmation that it’s a nice day in terms of the weather.

I was going to tell you something important. In fact I’d typed it out. But then a cow came along and ousted me from my perch. It walked slowly up up behind me and then stood, waiting politely for my attention. When I turned it simply looked at me with its cowish eyes but said nothing. I ventured a “Hello, I have nothing for you,” but it didn’t seem concerned. It just continued to watch me from a discreet distance. I asked “do you want me gone?” and the cow dipped its head once; as good a nod as I’ve ever seen on man or beast. And then it looked up again to check it still had my attention, and then flicked its head to one side to indicate the direction of travel I should take. I took it.

At a good distance I looked back and the cow was stood in the same place but it’s attention was not on me. I took out the device I’m typing this on and continued my important message to you. Or, at least, I tried. But I must have pressed the wrong button because as I looked, the relevant paragraph vanished. Gone as if it had never been. So I left it gone. And I moved on.

So, yeah, my path was crossed not by a person; either good or bad, but by a cow. I have been visited and I have benefitted from wisdom and none of what just happened involved wanting people to like me, or having low self-respect. Isn’t life wonderful?

Because it’s late and I’m hungry and far from home I’m just going to send this without proofing it. I trust that its going to be alright.

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