I’ve heard it said that, on a spiritual path, the quest for ‘why’ is not helpful in the quest to rid oneself of ego, attachment and sundry other vices. Instead, one should say something like ‘wah’, which is a Hindi word that means ‘wonderful’.

So, instead of saying ‘why is this happening to me?!’ one should instead say ‘wonderful, this is happening to me’. It apparently changes your attitude to make this kind of verbal shift.

If you believe it.

Otherwise, you’re just playing word games with yourself.

And I guess it’s the same with all things self-improvementy: if you don’t believe it then it just ain’t gonna happen. So you could say that it’s not the mantra that’s important, it’s the belief, or the faith behind it.

Makes me wonder about people in mental facilities.

I mean, if it’s true that believing something can lead to attitudinal shifts then what happens if you get an unhelpful belief stuck in you head? Like, if you believe that you’re the Messiah, come to redeem us all, or that you’re descended from monkeys or that Lizards are controlling the earth in the guise of world leaders in some kind of human costume? What then!

Well, I suppose then you’re stuck on the unfashionable side of town in terms of beliefs. Until, that is, fashions change.

Ironically, if you were the Messiah, come to redeem us all, then you probably would find yourself inside a facility very quickly. Unless, that is, you had power, wealth or influence. Other than that, you’d be tucked up under those sewn-down sheets inside a sewn up jacket with your plait sewn to your head and left to cry yourself to sleep.

And it’d be senseless to say ‘why’ because no-one would be listening. And it’d be equally senseless to say ‘wah’ because clearly it wouldn’t be. Unless you mean inside your head. Because, let’s face it, you can be anything you choose to be in the privacy of your own head. Just so long as you don’t tell anyone.


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