14 thoughts on “Everything is Nothing

  1. Meta comments:
    I can read and understand much of what you say without needing a translation (I have never studied Italian but the structure is similar to English and many of the Italian words correlate to similar words in English).
    Google Translate is inadequate for capturing and translating the nuances of what you say. I have just discovered DeepL Translator, which seems to give a better translation. For example … ah, look how clever Google is! There were numerous examples of mistranslation in the Google version (it even translated ‘guilt’ as ‘difficulty’) but now they are gone! One explanation is that Google Chrome is aware that I have Google Translator open in one tab and DeepL Translator open in a different tab and that I am getting a translation of the same text in both those tabs. Google Translator has therefore now given me the more accurate DeepL translation in its own tab. Isn’t that wonderful? 🙂
    Comments on your comment:
    Italians are living in an utterly, completely, fundamentally different world to the English. Would it offend you if I asked you if you would like to borrow Henry VIII? I’m assuming, of course, that you are unhappy with your guilt. It’s not a valid assumption. You might be completely content. You may have a meta-mind that can rise above your ‘conditioning’ (sorry if that sounds offensive). I kind of hope you have. But then again, I’m sure that I have my own conditioning and that I might not even be aware of it. At least you are aware. Hmm, I wonder if I overstep boundaries by speaking to you so … intimately? No, that’s the wrong word. Openly? Offensively? Stupidly?
    Important question:
    What do you see in me that makes you continue to want to talk to me? I mean, why do you make the effort?
    Closing comment:
    You have taken me out of myself today, Donna. I thank you.


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