Start Again

Take yourself back to before you knew anything, forget all of the stuff that’s going to happen and just start over. Have fun this time.


Hello, is that Robert Day?

Yes, speaking.

I’m Doctor P, is it okay to talk now?


So, how can I help?

I have this thing on the side of my head and I wanted someone to look at it and tell me that it’s not cancer.

How long has it been there? Is is growing? Does it itch? Is it infected? Has it changed colour? Have you lost weight?

More than a year. Yes. No. No. Depends on the light. No.

When can you come in?

Today or the week after next.

When today?


How far away are you?

Seven minutes.

I expect to see you in ten minutes.


Hi, I’m here to see Doctor P. He asked me to come in.

That’s fine, take a seat.

Hi, Robert Day?

Doctor P?

Yes, please come in.

It looks like a seborrhoeic wart. I want to take some photographs to sent to the dermatologist.



How soon will I hear?

Two weeks.

Thanks, Doctor P.

That’s okay.

So, you see how life turns on the head of a pin? Don’t forget to have fun.

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