Sugar Coma (Coming Out)

I know that I’m coming out of a sugar coma when I get all enthusiastic about changing my life and becoming more (I don’t know) communicative or loving or engaging or healthy or something like that. I feel like that now.

I was on holiday last week and I ate lots of sugar and was very creative. I wrote, like seventeen thousand words of a new zombie novel, put together a book on Wattpad and published it and… well, actually that was it really. Hmm. Perhaps I wasn’t so creative after all. Probably I was just driven and monomaniacal.

So, now, here I am back at home and back at work and back to a healthier diet and it shows in my… well, not exactly my mood, more like my level of motivation. So, yeah. Now would be a good time to make a new year revolution. But one that I didn’t intend to keep. Because I know that this mood / motivation won’t last. I’ll level off again and just be normal and boring and… erm… me.

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