Conversation Topics for the Radio

Because I’m doing a radio show (perhaps ‘tell’ is a better word) and I have the opportunity to say witty (theoretically) and interesting (hopefully) things between songs and because I’m not naturally witty and interesting (I suspect, actually, that I am (witty and interesting) but that those around me have short little attention spans (and that’s why they talk over me and cut me through (“I’m so sorry, the middle of my sentence seems to have interrupted the beginning of yours”)) I have to make lists of things to say on the radio to amuse and delight my (mine, all mine, mwwhhhhahahahaaaaaa!) audience. It’s better than getting to the end of a song and having to make stuff up. That’d be waaaay to much like my blog posts.

Anyhoo – this is/was the list for Thursday the 7th Oct on 5 Towns Radio (6 to 8 pm):

  1. Holiday – Walking
  2. Reading – Thinking
  3. Phil – Fixing
  4. Being Rock – Helping
  5. The quiz
  6. Meditation
  7. Work
  8. Zombies
  9. Wattpad
  10. Shame
  11. Corrie
  12. Overthinking, oversharing and overwriting and I’m sooo over this post.

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