You’d think that someone with a sense of foreboding would watch it with a sense of foreboding. Not me. I watch it with glee. Don’t worry, this isn’t poetry, even though it rhymes a little. It’s philosophy.

Here are some of the things that I’ve foreboded over today:

  • Going to work. I just wasn’t looking forward to it at all. Then I did it, and it wasn’t so bad after all.
  • Going to the USA. There’s a holiday coming up that’s been postponed twice. I look at the stats and see that people are still dying over there if a plague I hardly think about here. And I wonder if it’s necessary to go to the USA right now.
  • This thing on my skin that the doctor said is a wart, but still sent pictures of to the dermatologist. He said two weeks. It’s been nearly three.
  • Radio presenting. I should be foreboding about this because I’m an introvert and it requires a dollop 9f extroversion. Thing is, though, I’m not.
  • Eating chocolate. Not foreboding as such. More like backboding. I had some. I watch for its effects. Nothing yet.
  • Writing about zombies on Wattpad. Have I stalled? No. I’m waiting for news from the doctors. I can’t write about the five stages of grief until I feel them. Can I?
  • Watering plants. I have it as an alert on my phone. It pops up. I feel a resistance to doing it. Don’t know why. It’s not difficult. In fact, I did it today. It wasn’t hard at all.
  • Fridge and sink. They both need replacing. But they both work. But they need replacing. But they work! Around and around. Green credentials versus the desire for clean and unblemished. A kind of mild foreboding about the outcome. It’ll have to be done.
  • People I know. I don’t contact people enough. I don’t feel the need. I don’t feel their need. Selfish? I forebode the loss without the desire to fill the gaps they will inevitably, eventually leave.
  • My end. Pff, don’t be silly. I’ll never end!

Funnily enough, I don’t feel so forebodish now. Thanks for listening. Now for a nice cup of tea.

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