Topical Quiz – Thursday 14th October 2021

Question for the Topical Quiz tonight (7pm BST) on 5 Towns Radio:

  1. What date will it be on this date next month?
  2. Climate protest group Insulate Britain, which has caused disruption to major roads during the last five weeks, is to suspend its campaigning for 11 days. What is Insulate Britain’s aim?
  3. What have GPs just been told to do?
  4. PC Chris Dwyer, a police constable in West Yorkshire, has just been sacked. Why?
  5. The UK’s largest poultry seller has warned that the price of what is due to rise?
  6. David Swanston, deputy principal at St Vincent’s School in Liverpool is in the last ten to win how much money?
  7. What has the queen just used in public again? To help her walk?
  8. Which beloved British institutions backlog has almost reached 6 million?
  9. Which pizza company is planning to hire 8,000 delivery drivers in the run up to Xmas?
  10. Which town does 5 Towns Radio broadcast from?


  1. 14th November 2021.
  2. Insulate Britain is a recently-launched group that calls for a national programme to ensure homes are insulated by 2030, which government experts on climate change say is essential to meet targets on reducing carbon emissions.
  3. GPs told to see more patients face-to-face. Face-to-face GP visits still near lockdown levels. A&E wait tine is over 4 hours for 1 in 4 patients.
  4. A police constable who took two packets of Jaffa Cakes from a charity stall without paying full price has been sacked from West Yorkshire Police.
  5. Chicken. The founder of 2 Sisters Food Group, Ranjit Boparan, warned that chicken prices would rise by 10%. “Significant” inflated costs of packaging, energy and CO2 were also “bulking up the price of food”.
  6. David Swanston, deputy principal at St Vincent’s School in Liverpool, is in contention to win $1m (£730,000) after making the top 10 for the world’s “best teacher” award.
  7. The Queen uses walking stick again as she visit Wales for first time in five years.
  8. The latest NHS England figures show that a total of 5.7 million people were waiting to start routine hospital treatment at the end of August.
  9. Domino’sPizza. The fast food chain set out its plans as it revealed an 8.8% increase in quarterly sales, including a peak in online orders during England’s Euros clash against Ukraine in July.
  10. Castleford!

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