Three Things

You ever feel like something happened to you, like some childhood trauma or something, but you can’t think of, or remember, anything like that? I’ve always felt a bit like that. I’ve just been watching a movie called Marwen, with Steve Carroll, and the way that a trauma has affected him is ringing bells for me, but nothing specific is coming up in my memory. Weird, huh?

On a brighter note I got some good news yesterday. Here it is verbatim: “Your skin lesion is not cancer. I will call back to discuss ointment or lotion you can use.” So that’s good, right? I’m the downside I now have no reason to continue my zombie novel about the seven stages of grief. Hey-ho.

Oh, and I found out why I talk so soft on the radio. It’s because my voice is fed into earphones that I wear and the volume on those headphones was turned right up. I was speaking quietly to compensate. I’ve turned the volume down now so that I have to speak up to compensate. Every day’s a learning day.

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