Accepted Wisdom?

Is the world the way it is because we’ve been following the rules or breaking the rules?

The rules, in this case, are the axioms and homilies of common sense. For example: a stitch in time saves nine is a saying we use here in the UK to indicate that you should fix or replace things as soon as they show the first signs of wear or disrepair. I contend that this saying is a tool of capitalist manufacturers who are driving this planet to the brink of destruction by dint of their policy of more-more-more. I have a perfectly good sweater that’s a little frayed at the neck. It keeps me warm and comfortable in the bleakest of autumns and to say that it needs replacing is beyond madness

Similarly, there are hundreds, if not millions, of well-meaning saws like this that have been keeping our world on the same trajectory for more years than I have experienced. But ask youself this: where is the current trajectory leading us? Yep: straight off the edge of a cliff.

So here’s my plea to you: next time you read, hear or remember some piece of wisdom that’s been handed down to you by our seemingly sage elders, think about it before you act. Do you want to be a lemming and march on towards mutual destruction, or do you want to be an iconoclast: someone who wishes for a better, kinder world order. Remember as you do so: the future is in your hands.

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