SOmetimes, you have to back off and let them win.

SOmetimes it’s enough that you don’t engage.

SOmetimes they can rage and you can let them do that.

SOmetimes they just want to let off steam and it’s nothing to do with you (even if they say (scream) that it is).

SOmetimes the world turns and life goes on despite you feeling that it has ended.

SOmetimes you can bring it all together with a smile.

SOmetimes that’s not possible.

SOmetimes it’s just not up (or down) to you to make the change.

SOmetimes you can just be quiet, in a corner, where you can sit and type something meaningless in the grand scheme of things, post it to your blog whilst imagining that you have drawn poison from your veins, and then just watch a movie or something.

SOmetimes, that’s all you can do.

SOmetimes that’s all you want to do.

is now.

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