Connecting to the Other Earth

400px-Magnolia_wieseneriSeeking a new perspective on life, Robert stood, turned his chair away from the window, set it facing the wall and sat down again.

Gone were the tree branches waving lazily in the breeze; gone the birds flitting from tree to sky and back; gone the blue expanse of sky beyond the trees and gone the world. Instead, he faced a magnolia-painted wall.

‘Ah, free at last!’ he announced to no-one in particular. He loosened the tension in the back of his neck by tilting his head from side to side and then drew in a deep breath that hit a dry spot in his throat and provoked a quick bark of a cough. He straightened in the chair and settled himself into his body, unfocused his eyes and took in another breath. A faint rattle in his throat but nothing more. Good.

Free from the world. But was he? As he appraised the magnolia blur in front of him through his unfocused eyes, his inner eye opened and the memory of the view outside gripped him again. The wall had dissolved and become a mental screen that showed scenes of green and blue. The scent of the earth rose up within him from some synaptic well and he heard again, from within, sounds of the memory of birds.

Try this for yourself.

You might think that, when you shut your eyes, there is darkness. But you’re wrong. There’s more colour inside your eyes than there is outside.

I’m not talking about the reddish light that filters through your eyelids when the sun shines on your face on a gloriously sunny day. I’m not even talking about the peculair madness of seeing sounds as colour. No, I’m saying that sights seen through the third eye are more vivid than anything you’ve seen through the ones below your eyebrows.

Do you dream in colour? Yes I do.

Do you imagine in colour? Yes I do.

Do you create in colour? Yes I do, but I don’t have to do it by myself. My mind helps me so much that I hardly have to put in any effort myself. It’s built into me.

Imagine what’s behind you.

Yeah, you.

Yeah, now.

Just imagine what’s behind you as you read these words. I’ll give you a moment.


What did you see? Was it similar to what’s really there? Turn around now and check.


I’m assuming that you’ve turned back to your screen now, or that your screen-reader has picked up the thread again. What did you see when you imagined? And what did you see when you looked? Were they similar?

When you imagined, you saw with your third eye and when you turned and looked, you saw with the other two eyes. If your two eyes don’t work, then you’re probably already good with your third eye and you don’t need to read on. But you still can. If you want.

Your third eye is a marvel.

You don’t have to restrict yourself to two eyes. There is more to see in, and out, of the world when you use your third eye. You can run riot with it! Try this: imagine what’s behind you again, but this time put an angel in the room with you. The angel is stood behind you. I’m not going to describe my angel because it’s better if you choose your own. Now stop imagining and turn and look behind you again.


Did you see the angel? Chances are you’re going to say ‘no’. But do you really mean that? Do you really mean to say that the angel has completely disappeared from your room? As you read these words, can you feel that prickling on the back of your neck? Yep, that’s the angel. There, but not there. In the room and yet only visible through your third eye. But no less there.

This isn’t a trick. This isn’t a trivial thing. You can create as well as imagine. You can bring life into your world and it can be the kind of life that you choose for yourself.

Want a guardian angel? Create one for yourself.

Want a better life? You can create one for yourself.

Want to stop reading this and get on with doing that? Then do so.

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