The Bottle Tops

I knew that was going to happen
but then,
it didn’t.

There are random atoms in the air,
spilling over and filling the sea
with something like love
but also a tinge of regret
that is never expressed
like a crossword
compiled and printed
but never filled in.

The end of the world
is just Ned
working overtime
in his garage
on a motorway of sandwiches.

We open the bottle
and it empties from the top
but only when we turn it upside down.

What about happiness?
Does it slip backward
when we rock forwards?

Do the daffodils
find peace underground?

Will we ever learn
the secrets
of the unopened box of cereal
that fell down the back of the fridge?

Ants may have found it
but will they get inside
through the double-strength plastic?
I think they could if they wanted to.

Winter food.
Jelly rolls.
Traffic on the moon.
Seven impossible passes
through the mountains
but none of them lead to land.

Nothing leads nowhere
apart from the thing I absolutely knew would happen.
But unexpectedly didn’t.

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