List Led Life

I get happiness from ticking things on lists that I have drawn up in my head (or on paper if the list gets too long or complicated). Is this interesting or sad?

Here’s a typical list:

  • write a list
  • claim travel
  • create documents
  • do hypercare sql
  • write a panto scene
  • delay fttp schedule
  • get peanut butter
  • wash mats

The beauty of the first item is that as soon as I’ve finished the list I get an instant boost.

The list tends to be a mix of easy and difficult things so that I can fit stuff into the gaps in my life; like fitting pebbles and sand into a jar.

I tend to mix work and home stuff on lists because I’m working from home and have lost my home/life balance.

I have a list of things that I need to do every day too. In no particular order, it goes something like this:

  • get up at 6am (unless I went to bed after 11pm)
  • go for a walk before starting work
    (this used to be ‘walk 10,000 steps but that got too onerous)
  • read x number of pages of a book (or two)
  • write a blog post (or two)
  • learn Hindi on Duolingo until I reach 150 points
  • read for a few minutes before I go to sleep
  • answer any messages on my blog
  • listen to BBC Radio One for an hour or so.

There are some other things in there too relating to eating and keeping clean, but I’ll not bore you (any more than I have already) with that stuff.

What’s my point? Why am I telling you this? I guess it’s because I’m wondering why I’ve let myself become a slave to all these things. I mean, if you took them all out of my life then I would have an amazing amount of spare time. If I did then I would be able to do the following:

  • learn how to meditate properly
  • get to know my wife better
  • contact my family more than yearly
  • have friends in the real world
  • publish my novels
  • redecorate the house

I don’t know how appealing that last list looks to you, but it doesn’t excite me one little bit. Sure, some of the things look interesting as short-term projects, but …

But what, Robert?


No; come one. But what?

Well, they just look so limited.

Limited in what way?

Well, you know … they’re just all based on things that are going to … pass away.

Do you mean ‘die’?

Yeah. That.

What’s wrong with death?

Well, it’s … it just seems silly to put energy into things that are going to be … gone.

But won’t you be gone too?




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